Monday, April 2, 2012

Dad gets plea deal in abuse of 3-month-old son (Burlington, Iowa)

Sounds like dad TIMOTHY WILLIAM MITCHELL was either babysitting or a stay-at-home dad. Either way, it sounds like he was totally incapable of caring for babies and young children. No word here on the mother. Was she working? What?

Accused baby-shaker accepts a plea deal

Mitchell pleads guilty to lesser degree of child endangerment, lawyers will ask for probation.


A Burlington man accused of shaking his 3-month-old child, who reportedly suffered a brain injury, has accepted an offer from Des Moines County prosecutors.

Timothy William Mitchell pleaded guilty Friday to a lesser degree of child endangerment.

Both sides have agreed that in exchange for the man's guilty plea, attorneys will recommend he be placed on probation by way of a five-year suspended prison term

Mitchell originally was charged with the same offense, albeit in a class-C felony category, which could have netted 10 years in prison.

Last May, police got a report from the Department of Human Services regarding a 3-month-old child who was taken to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City "because of a brain bleed."

Initial information indicated the child was struck in the head with a book by a 2-year-old sibling. Doctors told investigators the child's injuries were not consistent with being hit in the head with a book, but rather by being dropped or hit.

Hospital officials said the child suffered an acute head injury and retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes.

The child was unable to see and track light.

Mitchell, during an interview with detectives, said he was watching both children when the 2-year-old struck the younger one with a book.

The father told police he was comforting the 3-month-old when the child squirmed and slipped out of his hands, according to the complaint. When he caught the child's head, he said it snapped forward.

Mitchell, police said, insisted he was upset with the older child for hitting the younger one, and he was holding the 3-month-old and bouncing the child to calm him down.

The man claimed he didn't realize how hard he was bouncing the child "because he was so frustrated."

Mitchell told police in his attempt to comfort the child, he "shook" the 3-month-old harder than he should have.

Mitchell told police he didn't mean to hurt his son.

He is set to be sentenced in May.