Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dad pleads guilty to throwing 10-month-old son into a cement road, assaulting the boy's mother (Columbia, Maryland)

It was because dad TRE C. JACKSON was so "angry" you see....


Father pleads guilty in throwing infant

Posted: 9:33 PM
Last Updated: 16 hours and 29 minutes ago

COLUMBIA, Md. (WMAR) - An 18-year-old father plead guilty today to child abuse and assault charges following a July 2011 incident in which he is accused of throwing a 10-month-old infant to a cement road.

Tre C. Jackson plead guilty to second degree child abuse for throwing the child as well as second degree assault on the baby's mother.

The state is asking for a sentence of 18 months in prison for the charges followed by a 5 year probation.

On July 10, 2011, officers had responded to a home on Broken Staff in Columbia for an assault. Once officers were on the scene, they were able to find the infant and his mother, who was trying to help the baby with his injuries.

According to court documents, there was blood around and covering the infant's nose and a small rock lodged under his nostril. There were also scrapes and welts to the baby's face and legs.

Witnesses told police that Jackson was carrying the baby and was arguing with his mother. Jackson then "raised the infant in his hands to his shoulders and forcefully threw him, face first, to the ground," before hitting the child's mother repeatedly.

During the investigation, Jackson admitted to police that he had beaten the child's mother, like the "beating to one he would give a man." At first, Jackson denied throwing the baby, claiming he had simply dropped the child, but later admitted he could have thrown the child to the ground because he was so angry.

Sentencing is set for May 31.