Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dad tells 4-year-old daughter "I love you"--then murders her mother (Largo, Florida)

'Cause that's what love is about, right? Dad JAMES WOLSKI shoots his daughter's mother to death in a parking lot, then offs himself. So the daughter he "loves" so much is now an orphan and motherless. No word here on whether the girl witnessed this scene, or where she was at all. But she will still live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

Florida Murder-Suicide Victims Identified as Paramedics  

Source: Tampa Bay Times     

James Wolski and his wife had worked in Largo at AMR Sunstar.

Knight lives across the hall from Norma Plescia at Heritage Presbyterian Housing apartments in Largo. Plescia often took care of Wolski's daughter, Kyleigh.

"Goodbye, Kyleigh. I love you," Knight said he overheard Wolski tell the child from the threshold of the apartment.

Within hours, James, 35, and his 40-year-old wife, Stacie Wolski - Kyleigh's mother - lay dead in the parking lot of a Walgreens pharmacy on Roosevelt Boulevard. Largo police say James fatally shot Stacie, then himself.

The Largo Police Department released the Wolskis' names Thursday. They were both trained as professional emergency responders and held active paramedic licenses in the state of Florida. They had worked in Largo at AMR Sunstar, an ambulance service.