Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dad arrested for fracturing skull of 3-month-old son (Lincoln, Nebraska)

The "frustrated" dad is identified as KOTY BUESING.

Lincoln Father Arrested For Fracturing Baby's Skull

Updated: Wed 9:16 PM, Dec 31, 2014

By: WOWT 6 News

Police arrested a Lincoln father after his 3-week-old baby was found with a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain.

Koty Buesing was arrested December 30th for felony child abuse. Police say the baby's 19-year-old mother discovered swelling on her 3-week-old December 19th. Police say Buesing told her he accidentally hit the baby's head against a table while he picked him up. The mother decided to keep an eye on the injury and waited to go to a doctor until a regular visit on the 24th.

The pediatrician immediately sent the baby to the hospital and eventually to Children's Hospital in Omaha.

Doctors found a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain. They told police the injury was not accidental.

Investigators later discovered Buesing had not only caused the fracture, but also shook the baby on multiple occasions out of frustration.

The baby has been released from the hospital and is in the care of Health and Human Services.