Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dad admits throwing 6-year-old daughter, hitting her in face during his visitation (Phoenix, Arizona)

Yet another violent father who was still granted his "rights."

This one is identified as SCOTT ABAD.

Dad accused of grabbing, hitting daughter

by Catherine Holland

Posted on December 30, 2014 at 2:35 PM Updated yesterday at 11:43 AM

PHOENIX -- A man already wanted on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant is now facing a charge of child abuse after allegedly grabbing and hitting his 6-year-old daughter.

Police arrested Scott Abad, 29, last week after his ex-wife reported to police that their 6-year-old daughter had bruises on her face and arm.

According to court paperwork, the mom was helping her daughter in the bath when she spotted the bruises.

She said the little girl initially told her that a child belonging to Abad's girlfriend had hit her with a toy. She explained to police that her daughter then told her she had gotten in trouble for spilling wings sauce in her father's car.

The mother took her daughter to Phoenix Children's Hospital to see a medical professional and a forensic interviewer. Based on their exams, they determined that the child had been abused and told not to tell her mother what had happened.

Abad denied hitting his daughter. He also said he did not know how she came to be injured.

A short time later, he told the arresting officer that the bruises on her arm happened when he pulled her out of his vehicle.

"He then admitted that he threw her into her room and told her to go to bed," according to the probable cause statement. "Scott said his daughter was fighting with him and he hit the side of her face."

The officer said Abad told him he never saw the bruises on his daughter's face.

A criminal records check showed Abad was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant out of Glendale.