Friday, May 3, 2013

Dad stabs to death 3-year-old son (Durban, South Africa)

Notice that the mother is not listed among those who were in the home at the time of the stabbing, though it appears everbody else was there. Is this another one of those crazy killer daddy who got his custody/visitation rights?


Boy (3) killed by dad

May 3 2013 at 02:06pm

Durban - A father has been arrested in connection with the murder of his three-year-old son, who was stabbed while sleeping.

Wartburg detectives arrested the 25-year-old man at his Swayimane home on Wednesday night and he was expected to appear in the New Hanover Magistrate’s Court on Firday.

Police said he was found in possession of a blood-stained knife, believed to be the murder weapon.

The child had been asleep in the bedroom of his grandmother’s home with his four-year old sister, while his grandmother and aunt watched television in the next room. They heard screams coming from the bedroom and ran into the room to find the boy lying on the bed covered with blood.

“The family immediately rushed the child to hospital but he died from his injuries,” said police spokeswoman, Lieutenant Joey Jeevan. Family members who spoke to the media on Thursday, said that they were shocked and baffled.

“Why would a father kill his child like that? It is too painful to think about,” said the boy’s aunt.