Friday, May 10, 2013

CPS takes mom's kids because of dad's abuse--but he has court-ordered visitation (Houston, Texas)

This is freaking insanity. CPS takes this mother's kids because of the father's abuse--but he has court-ordered visitation. If she doesn't let them visit, she could go to jail.

Thank you fathers rights!

UNNAMED DAD and unnamed judge. Surprised?

CPS takes woman's children because of estranged husband's behavior

by Andrew Horansky / KHOU 11 News
Posted on May 9, 2013 at 5:09 PM
Updated yesterday at 6:35 PM

HOUSTON – A Houston mother is paying the price for her estranged husband’s behavior, and she believes CPS is putting her children at risk.

Lauryn Horton’s daughters have been living with a foster family through CPS for the last three months.

On a recent visit, Horton noticed her 6-month-old baby had developed a severe diaper rash and other problems. Horton sent graphic photos to back up her claims.

"Behind both of her ears it’s peeling and red. Behind one of them, it’s bleeding," Horton said. "She used to smile all the time and she doesn’t even smile anymore."

Horton said Joley's diaper rash was so bad, at one point, it had blistered.

Horton said the separation is tough for her older daughter, Nylah.

"She doesn't understand either. I mean, all I can thell them is I love them and I miss them and they're gonna come home," Horton said.

CPS took the children because they were not convinced Horton could protect them from their father. The couple is separated, but the father still has visitation rights.

Earlier this year, police were called to his home during a visitation weekend and allegedly found him high on PCP. They arrested him and charged him with child endangerment.

Though the children were returned to their mother, Horton said a CPS worker soon began making visits.

Eventually, they handed her a court order and placed the kids in temporary foster care.

Horton’s attorney argues she had no choice because the court gave her estranged husband visitation rights.

"He could have had her arrested for interfering with the child custody order. He could have taken her to court and had her held in contempt and jailed and fined," attorney Julie Kellerman said.

Today Horton is only able to visit with her children one day a week for one hour. Her attorney is working with CPS to resolve the matter.

After Horton complained and 11 News began making calls, the infant was taken to see a doctor. She was diagnosed with psoriasis and is now receiving medication.