Monday, May 20, 2013

Dad beats 12-year-old son to death over exam results (Abu Dhabi)


Father beats son to death over exam results


ABU DHABI: A 12-year-old boy died after his father beat him up because he failed the school exams.

On the day of the incident the suspect called his wife, who was not at home, to tell her that their son did not bring home his exam results and claimed that the school would distribute it the following morning.

When she got home, the mother saw her son crying as his father had beaten him up with a computer cable, which he used to punish the victim.

In the evening, the mother was surprised when the suspect hurried to bed and snatched their son, who was sleeping beside his mother. The father reportedly began beating up the victim with the cable again, asking him for the certificate but the child swore that he did not receive it.

The suspect did not believe his son and continued to beat him.

At dawn, the father began shouting at his son who woke up to be beaten up by the furious father again.

The screams and tears of the child failed to move the stone-hearted father who continued beating up his son until he fell unconscious, with his blood splattered on the floor of the room.

The mother hurried and carried her son to hospital with their maid's help. She told the authorities there that he fell dow, the same excuse she used every time the father beat up the boy.

When the mother was told that her son had died, she disclosed the truth. The police arrested the father who said that he did not want to kill his son but wanted to scare him to do his best at school.