Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dad rapes 3-month-old daughter; baby struggles for life (Mumbai, India)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice that there are no "relatives" to care for this baby. Left totally unanswered here: What happened to this baby's mother? Is she dead, alive, what? How did this disgusting sperm shooter and daddy rapist get possession of this infant?

Raped by father, another 'baby Falak' struggles for life in Mumbai | Dec 21, 2012, 12:24PM IST

New Delhi: A 19-year-old girl caught her neighbour in Mumbai raping his three-year-old daughter and rescued her. The baby has undergone three surgeries and a month after being raped, she has no relatives to care for her. She only has a caretaker appointed by an NGO.

According to a Mid-Day report, Asha’s ordeal began last month, when the teenager spotted her being raped by her father, and tried to stop him. Threatened by him, she retreated out of fear for her own safety, but returned resiliently to the crime scene and found the bleeding child. The teenager then washed and dressed the girl before handing her over to the police.

According to her caretaker who works with the NGO Yuva Childlife, the child’s father forced her to drink alcohol, and then covered her eyes with a scarf. Inebriated, the child fell asleep, only to wake up with pain in her genital area. The good news is that Asha is now out of danger. After taking Asha into its custody, the CWC appointed a psychiatrist to counsel her and has also ensured that she has a supply of toys to keep herself occupied, the Mid-Day report says.