Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dad jailed on "neglect" charges--after inflicting 21 fractures on infant daughter (United Kingdom)

More abuser daddy coddling. UNNAMED DAD inflicts 21 SEPARATE FRACTURES on an infant daughter, bruises to her face...and it's "neglect"? I thought "neglect" was when you didn't feed your kids dinner because you were out drinking with your pals. Isn't beating somebody bad enough to cause nearly two dozen broken bones normally called....assault? I guess it's not if you're a father and your victim is "just" a baby. 


Dad Jailed For Neglect

 By Bela Shah, 4th December 2012, 13:00

The father of a young baby girl who suffered 21 separate fractures and bruising to her face was jailed for three and a half years today for neglect.

The 28 year old Arlesey man was told by Judge Barbara Mensah he was "cold and lacked natural empathy for a young child."

Luton crown court heard the prematurely-born baby received the injuries when she was aged between a month and four months old, but it could not be proved who caused them.

She lived in a home in the village with her mother and father and other children. As well as bruising, she had 21 fractures to her chest and limbs.

Prosecutor Ian Wickes said the child, who has been adopted, was now doing well and "no long term problems had been detected."

The man was convicted by the jury of two counts of neglect.

Jailing him, Judge Mensah said: "You were the dominant partner in the relationship. If you had any concern about your daughter you would have called a doctor or health care professionals."

She described the man, who was muttering in the dock as he was sentenced, as a "bully who had abused his position of trust."

 In addition to the jail sentence, she banned the man from working with children for life.