Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Abusive custodial dad found guilty of abetting suicide of 11-year-old son (India)

Notice that the mother had reportedly left the father. Somehow (surprise!) this abusive piece of crap of a dad got custody of their son--only to abuse him so badly that the boy eventually committed suicide. 

How much you want to bet that the mother was beaten as well? 

Dad is identified as DIWAN SINGH.

Father gets 5-year RI for driving son to commit suicide

Sukanya Shetty Posted: Dec 03, 2012 at 0320 hrs IST

Coming down heavily on a 40-year-old man who constantly beat his 11-year old, which allegedly pushed him to commit suicide, Sewree fast track court last week convicted him for abetting suicide.

Sessions Judge N G Gimekar sentenced Diwan Singh to five-years rigorous imprisonment. Singh, who worked with an LPG cylinder agency was arrested on July 12, 2011, after his son consumed a bottle of pesticide and died.

According to the prosecution, the child was depressed and was regularly beaten by his father. On the day of the incident, Singh had beaten up his son Jai for bunking school regularly. Twice in the past, Jai had bunked school and Singh, fearing that his son was abducted, had filed a complaint with the police.

“The child was disinterested in studies. Singh wanted his son to study. Everytime he (victim) bunked, his father was informed by the school authorities, and would consequently beat his son regularly," an officer from Oshiwara police station said.

On the day of the incident when Diwan Singh came back home to have lunch, he saw his son playing. He apparently lost his cool and hit his son to a point that their neighbours were forced to intervene. But Singh did not relent, and continued to beat his son.

Medical reports show the child suffered 20 injuries. Neighbours deposed against Singh and chronicled several instances when he had beaten up his child. One witness also hinted at the possibility of the child being depressed. “The child was a loner and was always nervous,” said one of the witnesses. While the police had booked Singh under the charge of abetment of suicide, the defence maintained that Singh was only guilty of beating his son and not pushing him to commit suicide.

“Singh just decided to teach his son a lesson. He did not know he would lose his son in the bargain,” said his defence lawyer Ravindra Javanjal. He claimed that on receiving the complete order copy, he would appeal against the sentence.

Singh made an emotional statement claiming that he only wanted his child to be disciplined. “Singh’s wife has left him. He had told the court that he loved his child and only hoped that he (the child) did not bunk school,” Javanjal added.

Accepting public prosecutor Ashok Joshi's argument that a maximum punishment was must in such cases and a strong message should be sent out to the society, Judge Gimekar sentenced Singh to five-years RI. Having spent over 16 months in the jail, court has ordered that period in jail to be set off from his punishment.