Friday, December 14, 2012

Warrant issued for dad who allegedly struck son during custody/visitation (Madison County, Georgia)

Read between the lines. The abuse obviously took place during UNNAMED DAD's custody/visitation time. The step is obviously a drunk, a liar, or both. Wonder if there was a judge who ordered this poor little boy into this home filled with idiots.

Warrants issued for man who allegedly struck his son

Posted by Staff Writerin Public Safety

Friday, December 14. 2012

A warrant has been issued on a Danielsville man for cruelty to children after he allegedly struck and kicked his young son because he was “mad” at him.

According to the incident report, officer Justin Hanley went to the residence on Hwy. 29 North where he met with the child and his mother. The mother stated that she was made aware that day of an incident that had happened the night before involving her son and his father. The son then spoke with Hanley and another officer while in his mother’s presence. He told officers that his father “got mad” at him the night before because he “told on him” for pushing another child at the residence. He said his father then picked him up and threw him on the floor and kicked him several times. He said later that night his father took him outside and pushed him against the trampoline, holding his face against it.

The child’s stepmother allegedly texted her sister that night and told her that her husband and his son “had gotten into it.” The sister said after receiving the messages, she went to the home to check on the child and found him sitting in a chair “shaking and crying” and that his father had his hands on the boy’s shoulder. When she asked what was going on, her brother-in-law allegedly told her that the boy was “his son and it was none of her business.” The stepmother then spoke with officers, telling them that she had been drinking the night before and that she “gets emotional” when she drinks. She said the message she sent to her sister was that her husband and his son were “playing rough.” She said her sister misinterpreted the message and that the pair were just wrestling.

The father fled the scene on foot just prior to Hanley’s arrival, when he reportedly found out that law enforcement had been called. The child’s mother reached him on his cell phone and told him he needed to come speak with officers, but he reportedly refused. The boy was then released to his mother and a warrant was issued for the father on charges of second-degree cruelty to children.