Friday, December 14, 2012

Dad accused of felony child abuse "defends his name"; abuse took place during his custody/visitation time (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Not till you get to the very end do we get that the little girl was battered during dad JOSEPH PRICE's custody/visitation time.

I don't believe this dickhead father for one minute. He doesn't even challenge the physical evidence. He can't. He simply bleats that he didn't do it. Obviously, his main concern is that "everybody is putting me down and dogging me." Pure abuser narcissism. His daughter has severe injuries, and all he can think of his poor widdle hurt feelings.

Narcisstic abusers typically have histories of this kind of behavior. Can't help but wonder if Daddy has a previous history of domestic violence/child abuser that was neatly ignored by the courts when the parents divorced. Seems real likely. As he got his custody/visitation rights anyway.

It's especially horrifying when you see that this dickhead still has the right to phone (harangue) the daughter victim on the phone, and have supervised visitation with her.

It's always about the father's rights, isn't it?

That a 3-year-old girl should be spared from having to talk to the man who beat her up, or be in the same room with him, doesn't even occur to the judges or the courts. Her trauma and recovery mean nothing to them.

And for a child "protection" agency in Tennessee to call these injuries "clearly excessive," they must have been pretty bad.

If you can't see how stupid this is, imagine it from an adult's point of view. Some drunken nitwit assaults you in a parking lot, maybe takes your wallet. How would you like it if the courts said this guy was allowed to telephone you while he was out on bail, and that you were required to be in the same room with him for "visiting" while some young, inexperienced social worker looked on.

Do you get it yet?

Father accused of felony child abuse defends his name

Posted: Dec 12, 2012 9:14 PM CST

By Joseph Pleasant, Reporter

David Price says the accusations are wrong and he plans to defend his name.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - A Rutherford County father calls the accusations of child abuse against him false and says he will be cleared of wrong doing when he appears in court.

Murfreesboro police arrested Joseph Price on December 6. A Rutherford County grand jury indicted him on a charge of aggravated child abuse and child abuse in connection to injuries his three-year-old daughter sustained.

"I just want the people that know me to know I am not out to hurt anybody," he said. "I am trying to clear my name to get all this taken care of because I am sick and tired of everybody putting me down and dogging me."

According to a Murfreesboro police report the Department of Children's Services contacted police after an investigation into several injuries on his daughter.

The report said the girl had injuries to her legs, back, rear end and head. The report states the injuries were clearly excessive.

Price talked to investigators and the report states he said he "went too far." "I didn't go too far," Price told Nashville's News 2 Wednesday. "I can understand going too far like beating their child, breaking arms or breaking legs. I am not that kind of type of person."

The report also said Price admitted to making his daughter stand in a corner for up to 15 hours and put a sock in the girl's mouth.

"I did not make her stand in the corner for 15 hours straight," he said. "I spaced it out. She was either standing up or sitting down."

He continued, "As far as a sock goes in her mouth, I couldn't even see doing that to my worst enemy."

Price said he put socks on his daughter's hands to try and break her habit of sucking her thumb.

Since Price's arrest was first reported on Nashville's News 2 Monday, thousands of people have seen the story on and on Facebook.

Many were outraged and commented about his arrest.

"I have already been threatened," he said. "Last night I had to go file a police report because someone on my ex-wife's side of the family threatened to have my ass beat."

Price plans to defend himself against the felony child abuse charges vigorously, and said he will be cleared of any wrong doing.

Price's daughter is in the custody of her mother, his estranged wife.

He can talk to his daughter by phone and have supervised visits with her.

His two other children are also in the care of their mother.

Price is due in a Rutherford County Court December 17. Until then he remains free on $15,000 bond.