Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dad charged with waterboarding kids claims it was a "learning experience" for them (Jefferson County, Montana)

Dad WILLIAM ALBERT PROVINCE sounds like one sicko puppy--a very dangerous man. 

Notice that there is mention of "a woman" who tried to stop this psycho from torturing the kids. But Daddy apparently broke her wrist and fingers for all her trouble. There is no identification of who this "woman" is, but if this had been the mother I think the article would have identified her as such. 

So if this isn't Mom, what happened to Mom? Whenever you see of a father abusing/killing the kids, and the mother is "missing", you have to wonder if she was harmed or threatened as well. Hence, her "disappearance."

Father charged with waterboarding children claims it was a 'learning experience' 

PUBLISHED: 17:11 EST, 21 December 2012 | UPDATED: 17:11 EST, 21 December 2012

A father has been charged with waterboarding children after saying it would be 'a learning experience' for them.

William Albert Province, 42, reportedly carried out the torture which simulates drowning on at least two boys and broke the wrist and fingers of a woman who tried to stop him.

Province, of Jefferson County, Montana, is also suspected of making threats to a school, Child Protective Service officials and foster parents caring for his own children, according to

Authorities have not identified his victims.

Waterboarding is an extreme form of torture which can result in oxygen deprivation to the brain and lungs.

It also causes deep and lasting psychological distress and can even cause broken bones as the victim struggles so hard to escape.

Police launched a hunt for Province after a woman reported the broken wrist and fingers on December 5 and told officers about the waterboarding punishment.

According to court records seen by the website the woman described how Province would straddle a boy with his hands over the child’s face and mouth and dump water on the face.

Province was arrested when he arrived back at Helena Airport. He had been travelling in Alaska, Helena police Chief Troy McGee said.

According to the report a witness said Province had several assault rifles and ammunition and said he would fight law enforcement. 

Province made an initial court appearance on Thursday morning on charges of partner or family member assault, and felony intimidation, along with three felony counts and one misdemeanor count of assault on a minor.

He remains jailed in Boulder on $200,000 bail.