Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dad convicted of murdering 2-year-old daughter curses judge at sentencing (Detroit, Michigan)

Killer dad D'ANDRE LANE: A class act all the way to the end. NOT.

Don't forget that this murder took place during Daddy's visitation.


Father of Bianca Jones: D'Andre Lane, curses judge at sentencing
D'Andre Lane sentenced

December 4, 2012

By: Sima Ballinger

Two-year-old Bianca Jones’ body was never recovered after her father D’Andre Lane claimed he was carjacked and she was taken. Lane, 33, was convicted of her murder and now faces life in prison.

On Monday, in Wayne County Circuit Court, D’Andre Lane showed disrespect and disdain toward Judge Vonda Evans as she administered the sentence – to the point of calling her by her first name and a ‘liar,’ according to the Detroit News. Judge Evans prefaced her sentencing with this statement: “This case is about a man who wants to control others, but could not control himself. Your kingdom consisted of exploiting women who you controlled and children you excessively disciplined. Your tools: sex, manipulation, mental abuse, and excessive discipline with your children….it was your way or the highway…….decided to make an example out of her…. “

Sentence Imposed by Honorable Vonda Evans

Count 1 - Felony Murder: Maximum punishment, Mandatory Life without parole.

Child Abuse First Degree & Habitual Offender Notice: No less than 11, and no more than 30 years in prison.

Court grants 246 days credit, and the defendant has 42 days to appeal the decision. Then Judge Evans said, “Take him out!”

During the sentencing, Lane was continuously squeamish in his seat, and the judge would have to inject corrective measures by telling him to stop.

As D’Andre Lane exited the Courtroom by Sheriffs

D'Andre Lane: "You know you a liar Vonda."

Judge Evans: “Bring him back out here.”

Judge Evans: It is very unfortunate that you made that statement, but I am only going to attribute it to the fact that you are a person suffering very deeply because of what you've done.

D’Andre Lane: 'Vonda' …

Judge Evans: So as a result… Excuse me, don't address me as Vonda..Take him out of here, take him out, take him out!

D’Andre Lane: mumbling on way out.... "there is no proof that my child is dead, none."

Judge Evans: Court is in recess.

D'Andre Lane is not a threat to children anymore. ..