Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dad with history of DV shoots, kills 5-year-old son in murder-suicide; mother had left him (Philippines)

No, "jealousy" has nothing to do with the murder of this child.

It's actually a classic domestic violence murder, the kind that fathers carry out against the children in order to hurt the mother for leaving him. Notice that the father had a history of domestic violence against the mother before this incident, a BIG RED FLAG. The fact that he (allegedly) "loved" the kids wouldn't (and didn't) stop him from killing the one child he was able to gain access to.

The children that stayed with the mother in another city remained alive and safe. That's why it is so important to keep abusive fathers from having access to the kids after the mother leaves.

The killer dad is identified as FRITZ VILLAMOR.


Father shoots, kills his son, 5

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A FATHER allegedly shot and killed his five-year-old son before turning the gun on himself inside their house in Barangay San Vicente, Liloan, Cebu late Sunday afternoon.

Fritz Villamor, 37, and his son Francis James, five, were found dead past 4 p.m. by a relative, who went to check after hearing gunfire.

The father and son were side by side on a mat in the living room. Fritz held his son on his right side. Both bore gunshot wounds in their heads.

SPO3 Marcelino Servilla, chief investigator of the Liloan Police Station, said that Fritz may have become depressed after his wife Cheryl, 35, and their children left him last month following a fight.

Villamor, he alleged, had threatened his wife and poked a gun at her.

Servilla, when interviewed by Sun.Star Cebu, said that Francis James was seen by his father in the barangay sports complex at 2 p.m. The boy was reportedly lured with a toy and a beverage, and went with his father to their house.

Gun found

Fritz’s cousin NiƱo Pilapil, 24, was heading to the house when he heard a gunshot.

“Nakadungog dayon siya ug hilak gikan ni Fritz (He immediately heard Fritz weeping),” the police investigator said.

This was followed by another shot, which prompted Pilapil to run to the house.

He immediately called neighbors and the police for help. Rural health center personnel examined Fritz and Francis James and found no vital signs.

Cheryl, who arrived later that day, requested to bring Francis James to the Eversley Childs Sanitarium in Jagobiao, Mandaue City despite the initial assessment of the health officers.

“Dili gyud siya motuo nga patay na kung dili mada sa hospital (She refused to believe they were dead unless they were brought to the hospital),” Servilla said.

At the crime scene, police recovered a 9mm revolver with two slugs, two empty shells and misfired ammunition.

Last hug

Inside the house, they also noticed drug-sniffing paraphernalia and bottles of wine, but the police couldn’t confirm if Fritz used these before the crime.

During an initial examination, Servilla said the bullet tore through Fritz’s left temple and went out through the other side. In Francis James’s case, he said the boy appeared to have been shot in the left temple.

“Gigakos siguro ni niya ang bata dayon pusil (He must have embraced the child then shot him),” the police investigator added. The gun was recovered near Fritz’s left hand.

Servilla said that Fritz will be subjected to a paraffin examination to rule out foul play. (In a paraffin test, hot wax is poured over a person’s hands to check for gunpowder traces.)

Francis James had been under the care of his father’s relatives in Barangay San Vicente. His other siblings were in his mother’s custody and lived in Cebu City.

He was the second child in a brood of three. His mother had two other children from a previous relationship. He was made to stay with Fritz’s aunt to continue his studies.

Francis James was supposed to graduate from Kindergarten later this month. His relatives have already bought him clothes and shoes for the graduation.

Told to go

Fritz, on the other hand, was said to be a former driver of Liloan Mayor Duke Frasco a few years ago. Because of his vice, Servilla said, Fritz’s services were terminated.

Police have yet to find out whether or not he had a criminal record.

Before the tragedy, Fritz had been reported as having fits of violence, especially when drunk. He was also accused of indiscriminately firing his gun in the area.

One of Cheryl’s brothers, 25-year-old Richard Cabasan, believed Fritz planned the killing.

Last week, he was told by Fritz to bring the couple’s oldest child, an eight-year-old girl, to their home.

“Naa na gyud siya’y plano. Ang mga bata iyang tuyo (He probably planned it and wanted to get the children),” he said.

Cabasan lived in the same house and looked after Francis James. Last Friday, he said, he was told to move out for no reason.

“Kung naa pa mi diri, dili ‘ta to mahitabo. Basta makainom, mao na man gyud nay kinaiya niya (If we had been here, perhaps this would not have happened. Whenever Fritz got drunk, his behavior changed),” Cabasan said.


He said they reported the incidents to the barangay, but officials couldn’t take action because Fritz was armed.

Cabasan said he also couldn’t report Fritz to the police. “Dili sad nako siya gusto unayon kay siya baya ang nagpapuyo nako diri (I didn’t want to turn him in; after all, he let me live here),” he added.

In a report over TV5’s Aksyon Bisaya, Cheryl said her husband started using drugs when they were in college but stopped after they got married.

She couldn’t believe Fritz would kill their child because he loved all their children.

Cheryl was at St. Peter’s Funeral on Imus St., Cebu City where Francis James’s body was brought.

In Liloan alone, Servilla said, several parricide cases have happened. One of the common reasons was jealousy.

He reminded couples to report to the police immediately if their fights take a violent turn. “Para ma-actionan nato ug dili na maabot diri nga punto (That way, we can act and keep these fights from getting to this tragic point),” he said.