Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Judge: Non-custodial mom can't have custody of son, even though custodial dad, girlfriend in prison for abusing boy (Douglas County, Nebraska)

CHAD CYMABALISTA was a custodial father, though that is not made real clear here. Notice that the Judge's reasons for not returning custody to the mother are not specified. Why?

According to our earlier post on this case, Dad and his gal pal had had custody of this poor little boy for only six freaking weeks before they put him into the hospital. No indication as to who gave this sicko dad custody or why. Typical of the media vagueness with which these things are reported.


Judge Denies Request for Return of Child

Posted: Tue 5:45 PM, Mar 11, 2014

Tara Olson failed in a bid to regain custody of her son Aiden on Tuesday.

Tara was in South Dakota when her baby’s father, Chad Cymbalista, and Cymbalista’s live-in girlfriend, committed acts that sent them to prison for attempted child abuse.

Aiden was put into foster care.

During a hearing on Tuesday, a judge told Tara that she was not meeting the requirements needed to get her son back.

Aiden remains in foster care.