Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Police: Dad strangled 13-year-old son over potato chips (Espanola, New Mexico)

Dad's defense is straight out of the father's rights handbook. My ex-wife lied! She's turned my son against me through Parental Alienation Syndrome! WAA!

Of course, this ignores that the police would not have arrested him for strangling the boy if there were not evidence on the boy's neck of strangulation. Not a "scratch" the boy inflicted on himself, all in some paranoid plot to frame Daddy.

But that's what the FR people count on. Don't pay attention to the actual facts. Listen to my spin.

Dad is identified as PHILLIP CHACONE.


Police: Espanola city councilor abused son over potato chips

Phillip Chacon denies allegations, says son and ex-wife lied to police

UPDATED 8:01 AM MDT Mar 11, 2014

ESPANOLA, N.M. —On Friday, Phillip Chacon was sworn in as a new member on the Espanola City Council. Two days later, he was arrested after police say he strangled his 13-year-old son.

Chacon's son told investigators his father got angry because he took a bag of potato chips away from his dad. The boy told police Chacon then grabbed him by the collar and choked him, leaving red marks on his neck. The teen told detectives his father also punched him in the leg, leaving a bruise.

Espanola police arrested Chacon Sunday and charged him with abandonment or abuse of a child. Chacon spent the night at the Rio Arriba County Detention Center.

Chacon denies these allegations, saying he doesn't recall even eating a bag of chips. In fact, Chacon says his son scratched his own neck and his ex-wife made up the abuse allegations to get back at him.

"His mom has a history of trying to turn him against me," explained Chacon. "That's not by any means close to what happened. I mean, nothing happened. It was news to me when I got woken up by city police."

But, the Espanola police chief says the facts of his investigation prove differently.

"The preliminary information that we have right now does not support what his response is," said Chief Eric Garcia. "The facts of the case indicate clearly that there was some kind of abuse going on."

Chacon says he works at a high-security-clearance job at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Lab officials say a person by Chacon's name works there, but weren't able to confirm if it's the same person. Chacon has other young children.