Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Abusive custodial dad with criminal record disappears with kids when CPS tried to take them; mom lost custody because of unpaid water bill (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

This story perfectly illustrates the different standards under which mother and fathers are judged.

The father:

1) History of violence against the mother (which the reporter trivializes as "history of violence between the couple"). Notice that no incident of violence by the mother against the father is even reported, so it doesn't appear to be mutual. But the father has been arrested for punching and kicking" the mom WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING ONE OF THE KIDS.  Then trying to TAKE THE CHILD. Which just goes to show that Dad is both abusive and possessive of the children--a combination frequently seen in fathers who finally gain full custody.

2) Check out Dad's overall CRIMINAL RECORD: Prior arrests for battery in three separate domestic violence cases, burglary, petty theft, grand theft, reckless driving, and cannabis possession.

3) Disappears with the kids when Florida's DCF finally decides to take the kids--something they almost never do with custodial fathers.

YET THIS PIECE OF SH** IS PRAISED AS A "LOVING FATHER." And he was awarded custody of four kids.

What the hell? Standards for a "loving father" are pretty low, aren't they?

Now let's turn to the mother.

1) Frankly, the worst that can be said about her is that she sounds totally traumatized. She doesn't seem to have any confidence in terms of her mothering any more, or her ability to take custody again. She--and she alone--has tried to be "civil for the sake of the children." (No evidence here that Dad has been civil). Her "civility" is to the extent that she doesn't even hold Dad responsible for his own abusive behavior anymore. And frankly, I can understand why, as this mother has been totally betrayed by the system.

2) Notice that Daddy has managed to gain and retain custody despite all his violence and crimes, while mother loses custody for having HER WATER SHUT OFF. In other words, for being low income. As if this was a "crime" on par with Daddy's. But then this is Florida, isn't it. A state that is infamous for its vicious treatment of mothers and victims of domestic violence.

Dad is identified as JAMES WEATHERS.


Custody Hearing For Four Hollywood Kids Taken By Father Delayed

March 11, 2014 12:20 PM

FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A Hollywood woman will have to wait a little longer to find out who will gain custody of her four children who were taken by their father on Monday.

Weathers, 24, and his girlfriend Julie Ann Pilkington, 22, disappeared with the kids as the Department of Children and Families was preparing to remove them from his custody. DCF said Weathers was under investigation after a complaint of abuse or neglect.

After an intense search, the children were located with Weathers at an apartment building on 174th Street in Sunny Isles Beach around 3:30 Monday afternoon. Weathers was temporarily detained by Hollywood police but no charges were filed.

On Tuesday, there was supposed to be a dependency hearing to determine who would get temporary custody of the children, but it had to be moved to Wednesday because Weathers was not notified of the hearing by the Department of Children and Families.

The children’s mother, Christine Cuba, didn’t seem upset by what Weathers had done as she left the courthouse.

“He’s a good dad, he just made a mistake,” said Cuba.

Cuba plans to ask the court to let the children live her mother, the kid’s grandmother.

“The next step is to determine what’s best for them and where they can go next,” said DCF’s Paige Patterson Hughes. “Certainly relatives can be considered for that placement, home studies are done and other events take place to make sure that is the best placement for the children. Sometimes children go into foster care with a foster family. So it’s all dependent upon what’s best for the children and who is available at the time to step in and help care for them.”

Weathers has prior arrests for battery in three separate domestic violence cases, burglary, petty theft, grand theft, reckless driving, and cannabis possession.

Cuba lost custody of her children last year when the water in her apartment was turned off.

There is a history of violence between the couple.

According to a Hollywood Police report obtained by CBS 4 News a little more than a year ago, Weathers was arrested for punching and kicking Cuba while she was holding one of the kids then trying to take the child.

The report says Weathers left and was later arrested.

Family members say the couple was trying to be civil for the sake of the children and that Weathers is a loving father.