Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dad charged with tying up, beating 6-year-old son during visitation (Houston, Texas)

Is this reporter 6-years old? You use the word "poop" in a news article? Is going to the bathroom now "going potty"?

Seriously, "why" daddy blew his top and beat this child doesn't matter. Anything could have set off this dickhead. So why is the "poop" (or fecal material, as grown ups say) being made the central part of this article?

How about calling attention to a little fact that's pretty much buried: that this took place during Daddy's visitation.

So the question SHOULD be, who gave this father his visitation rights and why? Did he have a history of violence against the mother, the boy, or other children? I can just about guarantee you the answer is yes. And you can just about bet that the family courts ignored and/or dismissed any evidence of that.

Dad is identified as JONATHAN PAUL COX.


Deputies: Boy tied up, beaten for smearing poop in sink at dad's home

Updated at 03:06 PM today

Jonathan Paul Cox, 33, is accused of beating his son after the six-year-old smeared poop in a bathroom sink at his northeast Harris County home.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Houston-area father is facing a felony charge after he allegedly hog-tied and beat his son for smearing poop in the bathroom sink.

Jonathan Paul Cox, 33, is charged with injury to a child.

According to court documents, the six-year-old son was visiting Cox at his northeast Harris County home on February 2 when the incident occurred.

The boy told authorities he smeared poop in the bathroom sink and as punishment, Cox used rope to tie him up "just like a cowboy in a circle" then spanked him.

The boy says he was forced to get out of the hog tie himself and was left with marks on his wrist, and red and black bruises on his buttocks.