Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Police hunt for dad who raped 13-year-old daughter; father was separated from girl's mother (Ghana)

This is the SECOND daughter this piece of sh** has raped, so it's truly an outrage that he was allowed any access to any of his children after the mother left him. Who allowed that, or at least failed to prevent it? No word.

This UNNAMED DAD's brutality is only hinted at in the girl's physical and mental injuries.


Police hunt for father who defiled his daughter

By Daily Guide Ghana

Mother of a 13-year-old defiled victim, Eunice Otoo has appealed to the public and the to hierarchy of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) to come to the aid of her daughter who was allegedly defiled several times by her 55 year old father.

The thirteen year old victim after the ordeal cannot walk and is now confined to a wheelchair and sleeps in a church auditorium in Tema with the mother.

The mother is, however appealing for the arrest of the husband to ensure that he faces the full rigour of the law as this is the second daughter he has defiled.

Narrating the ordeal to Citi News, the 13 year old victim explained that the father locked her up in a room and had multiple sex with her after which he warned her not to narrate the incident to anyone or she would die.

The victim explained she kept it to herself until the mother who was at the time of the incident separated from the father came to her aid through the intervention of the Tema Main Harbour DOVVSU division.

Madam otoo also told Citi News she has no money to take her daughter to see a specialist as recommended by the medical doctor. She said the daughter currently wears diapers constantly as she has been suffering urinary incontinence since the incident took place last September.