Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dad pleads guilty to abusing 8-week-old daughter (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)

Dad is identified as ROBERT SCHMIDT. Once again, no mention of a mother in the home.

Onalaska father convicted of child abuse

9 hours ago • By Anne Jungen

An Onalaska man was convicted Wednesday of abusing his infant daughter.

Robert Schmidt, 22, pleaded guilty to physical abuse of a child. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss misdemeanor charges of obstructing officers and misdemeanor bail jumping.

He faces 7½ years in prison when sentenced May 7 in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

Authorities began investigating when the 8-week-old girl was brought to the emergency room July 14 with a fractured skull and bleeding brain.

Schmidt told a social worker that the baby hit her head when she rolled over in her bassinet. The social worker told investigators Schmidt was in a hurry to leave the hospital, saying he needed to return a truck to his boss.

He later told investigators that the child hit her head on a side table when he got out of bed before saying that he hit her with his elbow by accident when he rolled over, according to the complaint.