Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dad charged in severe beating of 7-year-old son (Athens, Alabama)

Dad is identified as MANUEL DURAN AMBROSIO. No mention of a mother in the home.

Father charged with beating child over alleged theft

By Jean Cole — An Athens father accused of delivering a whipping to his 7-year-old son so severe it left marks on the child’s back and neck has been charged with child abuse, an official said.

The father — Manuel Duran Ambrosio, 39, of 702 N. Madison St. — told Athens Police Tuesday he had beaten his son because he had stolen a laptop computer and three CDs, Police Chief Floyd Johnson said Wednesday evening.

After looking into the alleged incident, Investigator Tim McIntire arrested Ambrosio on charges of torture/willful abuse of a child and giving a false name to a law enforcement officer, Johnson said.

Ambrosio was booked at the Police Department and transferred to the Limestone County Jail, where bail is set at $6,000.

Johnson said someone called the Police Department Tuesday night to report that a father had beaten his child.

When officers arrived, they talked with the accuser, who said the child had marks on his back and neck from being whipped, Johnson said. Police located the child, who told officers his father had whipped him, the chief said.

McIntire was called to the scene and arrested Ambrosio on the child abuse charge. While Ambrosio was at the jail, it was discovered he had given officers a false name, the chief said.

Limestone County Department of Human Resources was called to the scene to help investigate the case, Johnson said.