Thursday, March 13, 2014

Custodial dad arrested for murder of 4-year-old daughter (United Kingdom)

So these are the basics:

Less than three months after defeating the mother in a "custody battle" (i.e. abuser war against the mother), dad CARL WHEATLEY manages to "allegedly" murder their 4-year-old daughter.

What we are told:

1) All about the neighbor wringing his/her hands and exclaiming this a "tragedy"--as if this was some unforeseeable event known only to the gods. In other words, useless information.

What we are NOT told:

1) Whether dad had a past history of child abuse/domestic that was ignored during the "custody battle." Statistically, it is very likely he did. Numerous studies have demonstrated that fathers with histories of abuse and controlling behavior are far more likely to pursue custody as a way to punish/control the mother of the children than non-abusers.

2) Who the judge was and/or other assorted court personnel who decided to hand this little girl over to her "alleged" killer.

3) Anything from the mother's perspective at all.

All too typical....

At least we are told that the father had custody. Usually that information is withheld.

Hatfield Father Held Over Daughter's Death

A father has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of his four-year-old daughter in Hertfordshire.

Police were called to the home of the child - named locally as Alexa - in Queen Bee Court, Hatfield, at 9.36am on Wednesday.

She was taken to Lister hospital in Stevenage where she later died.

Father Carl Wheatley moved into the two-bedroom house in November last year and Alexa joined her after Christmas after he reportedly won a custody battle with her mother.

Detectives from Hertfordshire Police confirmed they are questioning a 30-year-old man from Hatfield over the death.

It is not known how the girl died.

A post-mortem examination to find the cause of death will take place on Monday.

It is believed no-one else was in the house when the girl was found.

A neighbour said: "She was a pretty little girl. It is a tragedy."