Friday, July 26, 2013

Dad abducts mom, 8-month-old son at knife point, assaults mom (Campbelltown, Australia)

Damn right the police had a right to be concerned for the baby, even though dad STEVEN HUME had (allegedly) never threatened the baby before--"just" Mom. But guys like this graduate into child abuse/child murder all the time--once they realize that the loss of her child will hurt the mother worse than any single bruise to her own body.That's how these abuser daddies roll. 

As it was, after abducting the mother and baby and knife point, this sh** beat the 16-year-old mother and dumped her at a highway rest area. Then he took off with the baby alone, until the baby was recovered returned to the police by one of Daddy's relatives. The loving daddy--no doubt just wanting quality time doncha know!!!--is still missing.

Abducted baby handed in but father on run

Date July 27, 2013
Nick Ralston Crime Reporter

An eight-month-old baby abducted by his father at knife-point from the boy's teenage mother has been handed into police.

Baby Zhaiden Mifsud was handed into Campbelltown police station just before 5pm on Friday by a relative of his 24-year-old father Steven Hume.

It followed a 20-hour search for the boy after Mr Hume abducted his ex-girlfriend and the boy from a home in Chester Hill on Thursday night.

Police said while Zhaiden had been found safe Mr Hume remained on the run. Paramedics were checking on the baby's health.

Zhaiden's abduction prompted a day-long search in bushland on Sydney's south-western outskirts after the Toyota Camry Mr Hume had been driving was found abandoned, crashed into a tree on Avon Dam Road at Bargo at 6.50am on Friday.

Police and volunteers attached to the Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Service, assisted by the dog squad and rescue helicopter, combed the surrounding area.

The search effort had been exhausted only shortly before news filtered through that Zhaiden had been handed in at the police station almost 40 kilometres away.

Police had earlier expressed great concern for the welfare of both Mr Hume and Zhaiden, although they said Mr Hume had not made any threats to harm himself or the boy.

Mr Hume, who was the subject of an apprehended violence order and known to police, at 8.30pm on Thursday had forced his way into the Kenthurst Place home where his former girlfriend Casey Mifsud lived with her father Marco.

He grabbed the 16-year-old mother and their child and forced them into the back of the Camry.

It is alleged Mr Hume then pulled over in a rest area on the Hume Highway at Douglas Park and assaulted Ms Mifsud, dumping her there.

The baby's grandfather, Marco, made an appeal on 2GB's breakfast radio for Mr Hume to return the baby.

''Bring the child back safely. Don't do anything stupid, you know?'' he said.

''I hope he doesn't do anything silly, that's all.''

Mr Hume is described as being of caucasian appearance, 165-175 centimetres tall, thin build with brown hair, and last seen in a blue jumper and green track pants. He has tattoos on his arms and chest.