Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dad on trial for terrorizing, assaulting six kids, mom; would beat kids while forcing them to recite the Koran (United Kingdom)

UNNAMED DAD. Notice the intimidation tactics used to force the mom into dropping previous charges. This, unfortunately, is all too common.


Published: 09/07/2013 12:17 - Updated: 09/07/2013 12:26

Bedford dad beat kids while forcing them to read Koran

Written by JULIA SUTTON Luton Crown Court

A father punished his children by making them stand by a window reciting the Koran whilst he assaulted him, a jury was told today (July 9).

It was part of 'physical, psychological and emotional abuse' allegedly carried out by the 49-year-old man from Bedford on his wife and six children.

Prosecutor Beverly Cripps told Luton Crown Court: "The abuse occurred on a regular basis and became the norm at the home. It was carried out by a domineering and controlling man."

School was a refuge for the children. They were all exemplary students, but their childhood has been marred by continuous abuse. They have been hit by belts, shoes, large heavy cooking spoons and plates.

"They have been tied to door handles, bound up and locked in their bedrooms.

"The Koran was used as a punishment. They were made to stand in front of a window, holding their Holy Book and, from time to time, were being assaulted while reading from it.

"He has spat on their food and made them eat it. He has spat in their mouths and made them swallow his spittle.

"They became prisoners in their own home. He called his daughters 'fat bitches' and the sons 'bastards'.

"He would withdraw food and turn off water in the house."

The jury of six men and six women were told that social services had a number of concerns about the wife, aged 41, and six children, now aged between 4 and 21, in the past.

They were always well turned out for school, but were never allowed new clothes and did not play with other children.

In 2011, after the mother had been to the police, the father is alleged to have persuaded one of the children to compose numerous letters on the family computer saying she wished to withdraw the allegations. The woman is then said to have been forced to sign them. As a result proceedings were dropped, said Ms Cripps.

It was in November last year after a row, when two of the children were running late for school, that the father is said to have threatened to move them. They then came forward and gave video interviews to the police.

The father - who cannot be named as this would identify the children - denies a total of 20 charges of actual bodily harm, child cruelty witness intimidation and doing an act to pervert the course of justice.

The trial is expected to last for two weeks.