Friday, July 12, 2013

Dad, 15-year-old son douse 7-year-old boy in gas and light him on fire--all while videotaping it (Butler County, Pennsylvania)

Fathers Rights people sometimes try to argue that a father who they will (reluctantly) admit assaulted somebody other than their own kid is still a Good Daddy. It's crap. Being a good parent cannot be separated from your character and your general acts as a human being.

Witness POS dad EDWARD B. MYERS. This sh**head lit his girlfriend's son on fire--and brought along his own sons to particpate in the attack. Usually, the FR folks would argue that this shows how Boyfriends are Bad and that's why kids Need Their Fathers. But in reality, if you're worthless crap you're worthless crap. If you somehow see it as okay to light somebody else's kid on fire, you're a terrible father by definition. And in cases like this, we can see how Daddy was grooming his sons to act like vicious sociopaths--just like the old man.

Father and son doused boy, seven, in gas and lit him on fire - while videotaping it

Father allegedly set seven-year old alight, shot him with an airgun and poured nail varnish over him
Man brought along his own two sons to witness and take part in the attack
Boy needed specialist care at nearby burns unit in hospital

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:21:30 EST, 11 July 2013| UPDATED:01:04 EST, 12 July 2013

A man from Pennsylvania has been arrested for pouring a flammable liquid on his then-girlfriend’s seven-year-old son and setting him alight.

Police say the man, from Saxonburg, brought his own 15-year-old son along for the attack and proceeded to set the younger boy’s shirt on fire.

Edward B. Myers, 35, allegedly used his cell phone to film the assault as he watched the boy burn.

Police say a western Pennsylvania man is facing charges for allegedly dousing a seven-year-old boy with flammable liquid and then letting his own son set the child on fire.

Myers and his two sons ages 11 and 15, also repeatedly shot the victim with air guns.

Police say the boy was taken to the hospital for third-degree burns on his face and chest, and welts on his forehead.

According to court papers, the boy told police that after his mother left their house, Mr. Myers who was dating her at the time along with his two sons shot him with pellets from an airgun.

'He asked them to stop, but they would not,' the complaint said.

Later, he said Mr. Myers threw something into his eyes that felt like sand and burned, and when the boy went into the bathroom to rinse his eyes out, the man poured nail polish remover on him.

When the boy then went into the room of one of the sons, either Mr. Myers or one of the sons 'did something and caught his shirt on fire.'

The little boy told police, 'None of the Myers called anyone to help him, and 'it seemed like hours' before his mother came back and took him to the hospital.'

The burns covered about 10 percent of his body. Myers is in Butler County Prison on $250,000 bail whilst his 15-year-old son is facing similar charges in juvenile court.