Monday, July 15, 2013

Dad accused of beating 3-year-old daughter, shocking her with collar, putting her in freezer (Caddo County, Oklahoma)

Dad ROBERT SEYLER should never have been allowed around children after his FIRST conviction for child abuse.

So it's sickening--but not surprising-- to see what comes next. Daddy proceeds to basically torture his preschooler daughter, and issue death threats against the child and her mother if they tell anybody.

This is one sick pup, and he needs to be locked up for life. Hope it happens.

Father accused of shocking child with a collar

Suspect arrested in 'worst case of child abuse Catoosa has ever seen'

By Michael Purdy Caddo County — A Caddo County father faces life in prison after being accused of hitting a three-old with a belt and shocking her with a collar.

Caddo County court records show Robert Seyler was charged Friday with child abuse by injury after a former conviction of a felony. He has previous conviction of child abuse by injury from 2008 in Blain County.

His latest arrest happened on Thursday. Hinton police say Seyler left for work and his wife called for help.

When officers arrived to the scene, the little girl told officers about the belt and collar. Police say he's also accused of shaking the little girl and putting her in a deep freezer for being bad.

The mother called police despite being threatened herself. She told officers he threatened to kill her and the child if she told anybody about the abuse while he was away at work.

Seyler is currently in the Caddo County Jail.