Friday, July 5, 2013

Non-custodial dad charged in beating of 16-year-old son (East Providence, Rhode Island)

Gee, wonder why Mom divorced this guy....How much you want to be that he beat her as well, and yet he STILL got his visitation rights?

Dad is identified as NATALINO P. ARRAIAL SR.

E.P. Man Charged With Child Abuse After Head-Butting Son

A verbal argument escalated into a fight reportedly started by a father with his son, according to East Providence police.

Posted by William Rupp (Editor), July 3, 2013 at 05:00 am

An East Providence man, 42, was charged last Friday night, June 28, with second-degree child abuse for allegedly head-butting and punching his son.

East Providence police said that Natalino P. Arraial Sr., of Vine Street in Pawtucket, was arguing with his 16-year-old son, who lives with his mother in East Providence, when the verbal confrontation escalated into a fight in the parking lot outside of Seven Stars Bakery on Greenwood Avenue at about 9 pm.

Arraial allegedly struck his son’s forehead with his head to start the fight. He then punched him several times in the face, police said.

Arraial’s son also punched his father to try to get away from him, according to the police report. He was not charged.

Both the father and son were checked and treated by East Providence EMTs for cuts and bruises. 

Arraial was arraigned at the police station and given a date to appear in court to face the abuse charge. He also was given a no-contact order.