Friday, July 5, 2013

CPS helped rapist dad get custody of daughter (Orange County, California)

We just posted a similar story from British Columbia, Canada:

Another Complaint Against Children's Protective Services

Posted: Jul 03, 2013 10:57 PM EDT Updated: Jul 03, 2013 10:58 PM EDT

By: Gina Silva, Investigative Reporter
Posted by: FOX 11 Web Staff

An Orange County mother continues to fight for the safety of her child. For months, Ruby Dillon has claimed that her daughter is being sexually abused by her father. Now, Tustin police are backing her story. Investigators on this case believe they finally have enough evidence. They filed their case with the Orange County District Attorney's office. Now, they wait to see if the DA will prosecute.

In the meantime, Dillon's attorney is taking on Child Protective Services. "Orange County Child Protective Services has an affirmative obligation to protect this little girl and immediately remove her from what is an obvious and dangerous situation," said Brian Claypool. If CPS doesn't act, he is demanding a criminal investigation of the folks who run the department.

Dillon claims that when she reported the suspected sexual abuse, her daughter was taken away from her and given to the alleged molester. The father denies the allegations against him. But after a lengthy investigation, the Tustin Police Department filed a case with the Orange County DA. Detectives say the father should be prosecuted on six felony counts-- ranging from child abuse to sexual child abuse. The DA's office is now reviewing the case.

Claypool and Dillon claim CPS in Orange County has repeatedly ignored evidence of sexual abuse and has punished the mother for making allegations against the father. But C.P.S. officials say this case is in family court and they don't make those decisions, only the judge. Claypool says,"That's a bunch of hogwash." He says, while this case remains in Family Court, CPS is still involved because one of their workers allegedly provided false and misleading information to the judge that led to that judge continuing to allow the child to remain with the father.

The mother is now asking for a special hearing with the judge to ask him to consider taking custody away from the father now that police have filed their case with the DA.