Friday, July 5, 2013

Family sues DHS over child's death by custodial dad (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

We've posted on this case numerous times. This murder was a direct result of fathers rights directly influencing social services policies and procedures.  The "importance" of fathers is blown clear out of proportion, so even a father with a history of violence and criminal activity is encouraged to be "involved." Too often the results are just like this.

Family Sues Over DHS Child Death


Family members of a 5-year-old girl who was killed by her father have amended a lawsuit against the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and two child-welfare workers who were fired by the state. 

The girl's mother and grandparents claim in the lawsuit that Serenity Deal's death in June 2011 came about due to negligence by the state, which placed the girl with her father. The father is serving a sentence of life in prison for the girl's death.

The defendants haven't yet filed papers responding to the wrongful-death lawsuit.

The Oklahoman reports ( ) Serenity was placed with her father even though she was injured twice during overnight visits with him.

The girl had been in foster care but DHS workers recommended she be placed full-time with her father.