Monday, July 16, 2012

Dad wanted on rape and kidnapping charges a suspect in "suspicious" drowning death of 4-year-old son; where is the mother? (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)

Where to even start with this mess. Dad ALFRED E. HILL is apparently suspected in the "suspicious" drowning death of his 4-year-old son. Police investigators then find out that Daddy is already wanted on "unrelated" kidnapping and rape charges from the previous year. Then, in a rather confusing way, it is revealed that this father does NOT live with the mother of this child, but has been staying one step ahead of the law by "staying with various girlfriends." Or living with his sisters and a younger brother. Whatever.

SO WHERE IS THE MOTHER? The reporter didn't even bother to find out. Did Daddy have full custody? Joint custody? Visitation? Was it Mom's idea that a father bopping around from house to house, trying to dodge the cops on a rape and kidnapping charge, should have the care of a pre-Kindergartener? Or was this some nitwit judge's idea of quality fathering?

But never fear! The idiots are here! A moronic neighbor tells us that Hill was a "family oriented" guy! Yes he was! Suspected rapists on the lam are the very best of fathers, don't you know!

This is how low we have set the bar these days for good fathers....Horrifying.

Police investigating child's death arrest dad on year-old rape charges

By Jim Woods The Columbus Dispatch Thursday July 12, 2012 11:07 PM

Police who went to a Reynoldsburg home this morning to investigate the death of a 4-year-old boy ended up arresting his father, after they found he was wanted on unrelated kidnapping and rape charges from a year ago.

Alfred A. Hill, 26, was in the Franklin County jail tonight after police found him near the apartment he shared with three siblings.

The incident began about 9:30 a.m., when Truro Township firefighters were called to 1229 Baytree Court on the report of a child not breathing.

There they found Hill’s son, Alfred Hill, 4, not breathing, said Reynoldsburg acting police chief Jim O’Neill.

The boy was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he later died. An autopsy will be performed on Friday, said Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak.

Police are calling the death suspicious.

Family members at the apartment told police that Alfred had been in the bathtub and might have choked or drowned. It was unclear tonight who had called 911 and whether the boy was found in the tub.

When police detectives investigating the death returned to the apartment around 1:30 p.m., they had found out that the child’s father was wanted by Columbus police on rape and kidnapping charges from a 2011 incident.

Police searched the Eden at Reynoldsburg apartment complex for about 10 minutes. A maintenance worker alerted police to Hill in a courtyard area.

Columbus police SWAT officers and U.S. marshals had been looking for Hill for months, said Columbus police Sgt. Terry McConnell. A warrant was filed on July 7, 2011, accusing Hill of kidnapping a 19-year-old woman from her Oakwood Avenue house on the South Side during the early morning hours of July 6, 2011. The 6-foot-3, 285-pound Hill forced her to have sex, court records say.

McConnell said that during the past year, Hill had managed to stay one step ahead of law-enforcement officers by staying with different girlfriends. Kevin Veal, 28, said Hill had been living next door for the past couple of months with two of his sisters, a younger brother and about four children.

Veal said the Hill he knew was a “family oriented” guy.

Veal said he knew that something was wrong quickly this morning when he said hello to one of Hill’s sisters.

“I seen a look on her face that I’ve never seen before,” he said. Moments later, paramedics arrived.

Dispatch reporters Lydia Coutre and Allison Manning contributed to this report.