Friday, July 27, 2012

Dad kills 4-month-old son and gets just 5 years in prison (Maidstone, England)

Thanks to DS for sending this to me.

This is such a typical killer dad story--and the way that media treats it is typical too.

The reality? This vicious punk, a father named WAYNE ACOTT, assaulted his 4-month-old son and killed him. His injuries, the doctors say, were akin to those seen in an automobile accident. Apparently Daddy was all tuckered out from staying up late playing computer games, so he vented all his frustration and hostility on a helpless infant.

The spin? We're told not one, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES, what a "loving father" this punk was. If this is "loving," I'll take "indifference" for $100. Plus, not once, but TWICE, Daddy's criminal assault and subsequent murder of his infant son was minimized and trivialized by the (male) authorities as a "momentarily loss of control." You see, daddies are never really responsible for their violence. It was all just a lapse, see.

That's why Daddy gets just 5 years in prison for the murder of a baby. Typically, mothers get longer sentences than that for "failing to protect" the baby from punks like Acott.

Father who killed his four-month-old son during 'momentary lapse of control' jailed for just five years

Injuries of the baby boy were likened to those of a car accident by doctors

Wayne Acott, 22, previously described as loving father

By Emma Clark

PUBLISHED: 15:17 EST, 26 July 2012 | UPDATED: 15:17 EST, 26 July 2012

A father who killed his baby son, inflicting injuries on him that are normally seen in car crash victims, has been jailed for just five years.

Wayne Acott, 22, of, Maidstone, Kent, killed four-month-old Mackenzie after staying up late playing computer games at a neighbour’s flat.

Detectives said Acott had a ‘momentary lapse of control’ at the time of the attack and had previously been described as a loving father.

After returning from his neighbour’s home in the early hours, Acott’s partner woke him hours later, asking him to feed the baby while she dropped her daughter off at school.

When she returned home and pulled into the parking bay on January 21 last year, Acott rang her mobile in a panicked state, saying Mackenzie had collapsed.

As she ran into their flat, Acott was standing with the baby in his arms.

She rang an ambulance and was told to perform CPR on Mackenzie as he had stopped breathing.

The stricken baby was in a critical condition when he arrived at Maidstone Hospital, from where he was transferred to a special baby care unit at King’s College Hospital in London.

He remained on life support for the following seven days but died from the trauma suffered to his head after failing to regain consciousness.

 Doctors told the parents that Mackenzie’s injuries were like those normally seen in victims of a high-speed car accident, Kent Police said.

A post-mortem examination found he had suffered a significant traumatic event such as an impact or impacts to his head or a shaking injury.

Acott was charged with manslaughter on August 9 and pleaded not guilty on October 28.

He was found guilty yesterday following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court which started on July 9, police said.

Detective Inspector Trevor Fleming, from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, said afterwards: ‘It is very sad when such a young life is ended by a parent. ‘It is the case that many parents feel the strain of the early months of a new baby.

‘Unfortunately it would appear this young man had a momentary lapse of control.

He had before that been described as a loving father.

‘A number of agencies are available to help new parents and they should not be afraid to ask for help.’