Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Custodial dad denies torture death of 8-year-old daughter, blames gal pal (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

We've posted on this case before. The custodial dad is identified only as HS. Classic Clueless Dad move here. Just ask bewildered and Blame the Woman. Total bullsh**.

There crimes seem to show up with a sickening regularity in the Middle East where under Sharia law, mothers have no real legal rights, just physical placement of the children while they are young. But from what I can tell, in reality, they don't even get this with any consistency. The abuser dads won't tolerate even that much.

Father denies torture death of daughter, 8, as lover confesses

Salam Al Amir

Jul 4, 2012

DUBAI // A father who is accused of torturing and killing his 8-year-old daughter today denied the charges at the Dubai Criminal Court.

His pregnant girlfriend, who is also accused, confessed to all charges before the presiding judge, Maher Salemeh.

"I beat [the children]and burned them, he did not do anything," AM said.

The 29-year-old Emirati father said he was innocent.

"We did not kill her your honour," HS, said. "The taser gun was not working."

He said he did not know what to do with the body after Wadeema, his daughter, died.

"I was confused and I'm now receiving therapy," he said.

HS admitted only to hiding the girl's body, allowing his girlfriend to confess to all other charges.

He also denied harming his other daughter, Mira.

"Her arm was already broken and I took her to Rashid Hospital for treatment," the father said. The girlfriend, however, said she was the one who hurt Mira.

The pair may face a firing squad if they are convicted of the charges against them. Prosecutors have charged them with imprisoning and torturing the children, leading to the death of Wadeema.

They are also accused of hiding the child's body, burying her without the proper permits, torturing Mira and causing her a 10 per cent permanent disability.

The court ordered that lawyers be appointed to the two defendants, and said it will hear prosecution witnesses on July 11.

The hearing ended with the girls' mother screaming at AM.

"May you burn in hell," she said, as she left the courtroom.