Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dad pleads guilty to mansalughter in death of 7-month-old son (Tucson, Arizona)

This POS dad is identified as HENRY DIAZ. He not only murdered this baby, he wouldn't even let the mother comfort or feed him. Disgusting....
Tucson father faces up to 21 years for death of his battered infant son

15 hours ago • Kim Smith Arizona Daily Star

A Tucson man is facing between three and 21 1/4 years in prison after pleading guilty Monday to manslaughter and child abuse in the February 2011 death of his 7-month-old son.

Henry Diaz, 21, admitted he was smoking a lot of marijuana around the time his sister told him his 4-month-old son Angel's leg was sore, he didn't do anything about it and the leg turned out to be broken.

Diaz also acknowledged that a few months later, when his son woke up fussy, he didn't tend to the baby and he didn't let the baby's mother give him a bottle. When the couple woke up five hours later, the baby was dead.

An autopsy showed Angel likely suffocated.

Diaz is facing between three and 12 1/2 years on the manslaughter charge, but he could receive up to lifetime probation or a consecutive prison sentence on the child abuse count. If Diaz is placed on probation and ever finds himself involved with Child Protective Services, he could risk imprisonment if he doesn't follow the agency's case plan.

Diaz is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 10.

The baby's mother told police Diaz threw three blankets over the baby's head when he began crying around 2 a.m. Feb. 17, 2011, and physically prevented her from uncovering him.

The autopsy also showed the child had fractures to his right arm below his elbow, his right ankle, a healing fracture to his right femur and healing fractures to his rib cage.