Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dad charged with injuring 2-year-old son; child missing lower lip (Omaha, Nebraska)

Notice that the girlfriend is nowhere identified as the child's mother, so I'm thinking she's not. This suggests that dad CHAD T. CYMBALISTA is a custodial dad then. So how did this poor 2-year-old boy end up in the clutches of these two nitwits and all their bullcrap excuses? This kid is missing a lower lip from eating popcorn salt? Is anybody stupid enough to buy that? And what happened to Mom?


Dad, girlfriend charged in toddler's injuries

OMAHA - Officers found a toddler with multiple injuries, including a missing lower lip, when they were called to the Nebraska Medical Center to investigate a possible child abuse case.
Officers said the 2-year-old Omaha boy's lower lip appeared to be permanently disfigured, the back of his right hand was turning black, and he had a large lump on the back of his head, according to court documents.
There appeared to be adult-size hand marks on the boy's arms, and someone had applied makeup to a bruise on the child's forehead, police said.

The boy's father, Chad T. Cymbalista, and the father's girlfriend, Nicole E. Corcoran, were each charged with committing intentional child abuse, a felony. Conviction carries a maximum sentence of 50 years in prison.

Cymbalista told police that he noticed his son's injured mouth about a month before he took him to the hospital on April 24.

Both adults said the child began picking at his lip after eating popcorn salt in March.

Cymbalista told police that on several occasions he had found his son with blood on his face and hands after picking at his lip.

The father and his girlfriend, both 26, each told police that the other was to blame for the child's additional injuries.

Cymbalista said that in the past he had put makeup on his son's face to hide his injuries in public, according to court records.

Cymbalista said he believed that Corcoran put the cosmetics on his son for the hospital visit.