Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad arrested for murder of 2-month-old daughter (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Seems dad MICAH SHORT was "frustrated" over the crying of his 2-month-old daughter. Notice that Daddy also has a history of domestic violence agaist the mother. And yet you still have people sucking up to him. Happens all the time with fathers. I constantly have fathers rights drones telling me how a father who shot to death his three kids had it so tough, and how we shouldn't call him out for his crimes because that is so mean. Or HORRORS! MANHATING!!!


Father arrested for infant's murder
Updated: May 08, 2012 10:31 PM CDT
Written by: Natasha Robin

New Orleans, La. - Junior Short rushed over to a house on Fern Street where police say his niece, two-month-old Micayla Short, was hit by her biological father, Micah.

Police say Micah and his wife brought little Micayla to the hospital Monday morning. They told doctors Micah struck the baby's head on her crib when he tripped on a box. Doctors tried to resuscitate the infant but she died.

"She had big eyes and curly hair. She was a good kid. She wasn't here for that long and it's sad to hear what happened to her," says Junior Short.

Police say Micah Short admitted during questioning that he lied about what happened. They say he confessed to becoming angry with his daughter and struck her when she wouldn't stop crying.

Junior Short says he didn't think his brother would do something like that. "My brother, he's not the offensive type. He's never been to jail," he tells FOX 8.

Police tell us Micah is also being charged with domestic abuse battery on his wife for an incident that occurred in March.

Little Micayla is the third infant to be murdered in the past month. Back in April, East Baton Rouge deputies booked a mother with the first-degree murder of her two-month-old boy. The baby was found in a ditch, lying in shallow water.

On May 1, New Orleans Police booked 39-year-old Angela Bernard with first-degree murder and child neglect. They say Bernard admitted to hitting a three-month-old girl repeatedly because she wouldn't stop crying.

In the case involving little Micayla, Junior Short says his brother was excited about being a new dad. Family members are shaking their heads about what police say happened.

Micah Short is being held at Orleans Parish Prison without bond.