Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2-year-old killed during dad's visitation; stepmom charged while dad acts clueless (Canby, Indiana)

Disgusting. It appears that this 2-year-old had repeated signs of abuse everytime he came home from weekend visitation with dad ALLEN DUNN and the step. Mom called CPS. She was ignored. In fact, knowing how CPS works, especially in a fathers rights-dominated state like Indiana, they probably dismissed her as a lying alienator without further inquiry at all. Meanwhile, the step is getting nailed for the toddler's death while Daddy is apparently getting off scott-free. I see a "clueless daddy" defense coming on--he had NO IDEA that Evil Woman was abusing HIS child.

Bullsh**. Mothers are routinely charged with failure to protect or worse, when they "fail" to stop their 250 pound boyfriend from beating their kid. Doesn' t matter if he was beating or threatening her as well. But these fathers are virtually NEVER charged when his new female partner abuses (remember Zahra Baker's custodial dad?). And if by chance Dad really IS clueless, because he's never around, having dumped all the child care on the new step or girlfriend, then WHY ARE DADS LIKE HIM GETTING VISITATION AT ALL? If you don't want to take any role in raising your child, then DON'T GET JOINT CUSTODY and/or VISITATION. Oh, but the fathers rights people have practically made joint custody a mandatory thing, even for dads who apparently don't give a sh**. Reduces or eliminates child support you know.

Toddler's family sounded alarm before his death

Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 9:20 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 9:19 PM EDT
Deanna Dewberry

CAMBY, Ind. (WISH) - A Camby woman faces multiple charges in connection with the death of her 2-year-old stepson . Now, family friends say the tragedy could have been prevented.

Skyler Dunn, 2, died Sunday after suffering skull fractures earlier this month. His stepmother, Autumn Dunn, 29, was arrested a week earlier , when he was taken to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.

Skyler visited his dad and stepmom on weekends at the home the couple shared with Autumn Dunn's parents, Vicky and William Patterson, in a quiet community in Camby.

But according to a probable cause affidavit , those visits sometimes left the toddler badly bruised. His stepsister told police that her mother, Autumn Dunn, "hits him in the face."

During questioning, Autumn admitted hitting the child "a couple of times" on the face hard enough to cause bruising, according to the court document.

Family friends said the toddler's mother, Jean Seal, was concerned.

"She said she was worried because he come home with bruises," close family friend Sharon Spurlock said.

Spurlock insists Skyler's mom tried to protect her son.

"She called Child Protective Services. I guess they didn't do much," said Spurlock.

But Autumn's father tells a different story. He insists his daughter and son-in-law, Allen, took good care of Skyler.

"I never seen no evidence. I never seen Autumn or Allen discipline the child or spank the child," William Patterson said.

But during her interview with police, Autumn admitted she dropped the toddler on his head, court documents said. She then picked up the child, and when he started crying she said, "I just lost my temper," the PC says.

She admits telling the little boy, "Fine if you want down so bad," just before opening her arms,
causing Skyler to fall onto the floor again, the court documents say

She told police she'd hurt the boy, but she put him to bed - only calling 911 hours later when the baby was unresponsive.

"I just can't see my daughter doing what they allege that she has done," Patterson said.

But friends believe Skyler showed the classic signs of abuse after returning from visits with his father and stepmother.

"I think this could have been prevented if Child Protective Services had stepped in," said Spurlock.

24-Hour News 8 contacted the Department of Child Services, and a spokeswoman told us that laws mandating confidentiality prohibit the agency from discussing Skyler's case.

Amanda Dunn remains jailed and currently faces charges aggravated battery and neglect charges filed when Skyler was hospitalized. The Marion County prosecutor said he may file new charges because Skyler has died.

In the mean time, family friends are collecting donations to help pay for Skyler's funeral.