Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad convicted of felony child abuse against 10-month-old son; baby has profound brain damage (Ridgecrest, California)

Dad is identified as LOUIS YSLAS. No mention of a mother in the home.


Man convicted in shaken baby case
By John V. Ciani
Daily Independent
Posted May 08, 2012 @ 02:42 PM

Ridgecrest, Calif. — A Kern County Superior Court jury found 30-year-old Louis Yslas guilty Monday of felony child abuse stemming from the April 2010 abuse of a 10-month-old boy. The jury found Yslas personally inflicted great bodily injury on a victim under 5 years old.

The child was brought to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital with a head injury and subsequently flown to Loma Linda University Hospital where further examination and treatment revealed extensive head/brain trauma and evidence of physical abuse.

Yslas violently shook the child the child causing subdural hemorrhaging and fractured two ribs.

The child, now 3, is profoundly brain damaged, blind and unable to crawl or swallow. He has a feeding tube permanently inserted into his stomach.

Yslas, who was the infant’s father, fled Loma Linda before law-enforcement personnel could contact him.

Ridgecrest Police Department detectives tracked Yslas to a residence in Las Vegas, Nev. and coordination with the FBI and Las Vegas Metro Police Department Criminal Apprehension Team resulted in his arrest.

He is scheduled to appear before Judge Kenneth Twisselman in the court’s Metro Division June 5 for sentencing.

Yslas faces 12 years in prison.