Sunday, May 27, 2012

Custodial rapist dad told he bears blame for victim daughter's suicide (Sunderland, England)

The big elephant in the room that's totally ignored here: how did rapist dad MICHAEL WARRENER get custody of his 13-year-old daughter and who gave it to him? What happened to the mother?


Sunderland rapist dad told he bears blame for victim daughter’s death

Published on Saturday 26 May 2012 08:57

A FATHER has been jailed for 19 years and told he is partly to blame for the death of his daughter whom he repeatedly raped.

Claire Warrener took her own life last December when she was barely into her 20s, just months after she broke her silence about what her dad had done to her when she was a young girl.

Just before she killed herself, Claire sent a text to a loved one saying she could not cope because of what her dad Michael Warrener had done.

Warrener, of Thorney Close, denied one charge of indecent assault and three of rape but was found guilty after a trial at Newcastle Crown Court last week.

The lengthy, harrowing statement Claire made when she reported her horrendous ordeal to the police was used as evidence against her father.

Her grieving family were in court to see the 59-year-old finally face justice for his sickening crimes and said: “We hope he rots in hell”.

Judge John Milford told Warrener: “I am satisfied you are, at least in part, responsible for her death.

“Though other factors may have played a part in the decision she took to end her life, she sent a text saying she could not cope any longer because of what you had done to her.

“You have demonstrated no remorse.”

Warrener appeared defiant and shook his head during the proceedings yesterday.

Speaking after the hearing, Claire’s devastated family said: “The most important part of all this is we got justice for Claire.

“We hope he rots in hell. We have always said Claire did what she did because of the abuse he put her through, now the judge has publicly said that that was in fact one of the reasons for her taking her own life.

“Even though 19 years sounds like a long time, for us, no sentence could be long enough.

“As a family we have got a life sentence because of what he did, we will never get Claire back even after he has served the 19 years.”

The court had heard how Warrener repeatedly abused Claire from the age of about 13.

Prosecutor Penny Moreland told the court how Claire, whose parents had split up, was living with her dad when the abuse started.

She said: “He came to her bedroom when she was asleep.”

Claire told police in her statement: “I didn’t know what had happened to me.”

After the first incident of abuse, which happened when Warrener’s then girlfriend had walked out on him, Claire’s ordeal got worse.

It wasn’t until 2010 Claire felt able to report her dad for what he had done.

Warrener was found guilty of indecent assaults on two other child victims during the trial.