Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Non-custodial mom speaks out after custodial dad kills 11-year-old son in arson murder-suicide (Columbiana County, Ohio)

The details are not real clear here, but this is apparently how this happened. Dad ULRICH ESTIMOT seems to have killed his three sons the day after he broke up with Mom #2, the mother of the two youngest sons who were also killed by Daddy Dearest. Like a lot of abuser/control freak dads, he had already stripped Mom #1 of custody. And like a lot of non-custodial moms, she comes across as tentative (probably because she's been badly traumatized). Notice how her murdered son wanted to live with her, but she wouldn't pursue it because she knew his dad would never "let it." Typical abuser crap. Must be in charge. Would rather see his "chattel" destroyed then give "it" up to somebody else, namely a loving mother.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | 5:11 p.m.

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Mother of child killed in fire set by father speaks to NEWS9


A mother is speaking out for the first time about the death of her son in an East Liverpool arson set by the boy's father.

The fire killed Traci Heath's 11-year-old son, Trey Estimot, on March 17.

The Columbiana County coroner said Trey's father, 37-year-old Ulrick Estimot, set fire to the home on Vine Street. Ulrick Estimot died along with his sons: Trey; 7-year-old Terrell; and 5-year-old Trenton.

The Columbiana County coroner's report, which was finalized Monday, determined that the blaze was a triple murder-suicide and all four died as a result of the fire that Estimot set.

Heath -- Trey's mother -- now lives in South Carolina and spoke to NEWS9's Kelly Camarote by phone Wednesday morning.

Heath said she said goodbye to her son weeks ago with a funeral and memorial service, but she is still processing the new details surrounding his death at his father's home.

When asked if she could say something to Ulrick Estimot, Health said, sobbing, "Rot in hell."

Heath said until the day of the arson, Estimot "was an awesome dad."

Authorities suggest the murders and suicide happened the day after Estimot and Angela Latshaw -- the mother of Terrell and Trenton -- broke up. Heath learned about investigators' details of the deaths and the connection to the breakup over the phone, because she doesn't live in the area.

"I just don't believe any of it. I don't know where the story originated from. I just know it's not true," Heath said.

But that doesn't mean Heath can easily forgive her son's father for something she describes as disgusting, or herself for wishing she did more.

"(Trey) wanted me to write his dad a letter telling him that I wanted Trey to come live with me, and I would tell him, 'I will write the letter.' And I kept telling him, 'I'll write the letter.' And I just never did because I knew it would never happen. His dad would never let it," Heath said. "It is a whole lot of guilt because now I wish I would have written the letter, you know, and maybe tried. … I didn't because I just assumed, you know, that he was in the best place he could be. And then this happened."

The coroner ruled the boys' deaths as murder by arson and the father's death as suicide by arson. All died from smoke inhalation.

Ulrick and Trenton Estimot were found on the first floor of the home, and Trey and Terrell were found on the second floor, according to the coroner's office.