Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woman kills herself after repeated rape by custodial father (Newcastle, England)

Not one word here exploring how rapist daddy MICHAEL WARRENER got custody of his young daughter, or who the parties were who gave it to him. Not one word on what happened to the mother after she lost custody. It's as if she fell off the earth.

Woman killed herself after repeated rape by her father

Michael Warrener at Newcastle Crown Court, where he has been found guilty of sexually abusing three girls - one of whom was his daughter who went on to take her own life. Published on Thursday

17 May 2012 09:30

A DAD is facing years behind bars for the repeated rape of his daughter who went on to kill herself.

Claire Warrener took her own life just months after she broke her silence about what her father had done to her.

Michael Warrener, 59, of Thorney Close, denied three charges of rape and one of indecent assault but was yesterday found guilty by a jury after a trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

He will be sentenced next week.

Judge John Milford withdrew Warreners bail and warned: Next week I will sentence you to a period of imprisonment that is going to be substantial.

I also have to consider whether you are a dangerous offender and you will now be remanded in custody.

The court had heard how Warrener repeatedly abused Claire from the age of about 11.

Prosecutor Penny Moreland told the court how Claire, whose parents had split up, was living with her dad when the abuse started.

Miss Moreland said: He came to her bedroom when she was asleep.

Claire, of Hendon, told police in her statement: I didnt know what had happened to me.

After the first incident of abuse, which happened when Warreners then girlfriend had walked out on him, Claires ordeal got worse.

Miss Moreland said: The defendant again came into Claires bedroom at night.

That night he raped her.

After that he raped her more often, as the problems in his relationship became greater.

The court heard it wasnt until 2010, six years after the abuse ended, that Claire felt able to report her dad for what he had done.

Miss Moreland said: She told the police and on March 13 she made her statement. Warrener was arrested and denied wrongdoing.

Miss Moreland said: He said she might be making the allegation up because he had accused her three weeks earlier of stealing money from him.

Months later, in December, Claire took her own life.

Warrener was also yesterday found guilty of indecent assaults on two other victims. He will be sentenced for all of his offending next week.