Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dad who repeatedly raped daughter for 2 years to serve 13 years in jail (Brisbane, Australia)

Why wasn't UNNAMED DAD locked up after his last offense? These guys never change. This little girl was put at deliberate risk.

Man who repeatedly raped young daughter to serve 13 years in jail 

Brooke Baskin
  The Courier-Mail
  December 10, 2014 4:12PM

A BRISBANE father who had sex with his young daughter “every second day” for almost three years will spend 13 years behind bars.

The 39-year-old from Deception Bay, north of Brisbane, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship with his biological daughter from shortly after her fourth birthday in October, 2011 until she turned six in January.

He also pleaded guilty to raping her twice in his bedroom on January 23 this year.

Judge Michael Burnett jailed the man for 13 years, adding the girl would suffer the emotional trauma of her father’s abuse for her whole life.

“The conduct is grossly criminal. It is offensive. It is, frankly, in regard to the relationship between yourself and your daughter, simply against the order of decent human behaviour,” he said.

Judge Burnett said the little girl, now aged seven, lived with a foster family but continued to wake through the night in a sweat, cry out or whimper and experienced nightmares.

The father, who sat alone in the prisoner’s dock wearing an oversized blue polo shirt and with his head bowed down at the floor, sobbed throughout the sentence, dabbed at his eyes and blew his nose.

At one point he stood and cried out: “I just want to say sorry to my daughter.”

The court was told the father initially denied having sex with his daughter until after his arrest when he wrote a letter from jail to the Department of Child Safety apologising for his treatment of the girl and admitting to his crime.

The man was jailed for two years, suspended after nine-months, after being convicted of indecently dealing with his 15-year-old step-daughter in the Maryborough District Court in 1998.

Crown prosecutor Dejana Kovac said the child told her mother that she had been sexually abused in January this year.

The father, who separated from the woman months earlier following a violent relationship, had three children with her.

Ms Kovac said the girl’s parents fought about the child’s claim of sexual abuse and it became so heated the woman locked herself in the bathroom and called police.

She said the father bundled all three children into his car and drove them to his mother’s house on the Darling Downs.

Ms Kovac said the man agreed to the daughter taking part in a welfare check with police and he returned with the children to Brisbane on January 23.

Police arrived at the home in Deception Bay on January 25 to interview the little girl in regards to the sexual abuse claim she made against her father.

Ms Kovac said the child told police her father raped her twice in his bedroom on the day they returned home, two days earlier.

She told police her father showered with her afterwards.

The girl told police her father had sex with her regularly following her fourth birthday, probably “thousands” of times in total and took her into his bedroom “whenever he felt like it”.

She told police her father didn’t want her to get him in trouble because “he’ll get angry at me”.

The man was arrested by police but denied any sexual relationship with his daughter.

It wasn’t until he sent a letter to his daughter through the Department of Child Safety that he indicated his guilt.

Barrister Kim Bryson, for the father, said her client had a difficult and largely itinerant childhood where he experienced violence and abuse.

She said the offending against the man’s daughter took place following the death of his father and in the context of alcohol and drug abuse.

Ms Bryson said the man was previously prescribed anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication but was not compliant with his medication at the time of the offending.

She said he wrote an apology to his children in which he demonstrated remorse, insight and empathy for his victim.

Judge Burnett took into account 316 days served in pre-sentence custody.