Monday, December 8, 2014

Dad accused of breaking legs of 5-week-old son (Morgantown, North Carolina)

What a screwed up society we have when mothers who gave birth scarcely 5 weeks before are forced to go to work to support their children, while deadbeat fathers like this one abuse the baby.

These kinds of fathers are good for nothing. I'd rather have paid maternity leave for all working moms.

Morganton father accused of breaking 5-week-old’s legs

MORGANTON, N.C. — A Morganton father was accused of child abuse after police said he broke his 5-week-old son’s legs and sent him to the hospital.

Officers have been investigating Austin Deloatch for more than a month.

 Public safety officers say they got a call from the hospital's ER about the infant’s injuries. Investigatos said the boy’s mother brought him to the hospital.

Public Safety Officers say it was at an apartment in Morganton, where Deloatch was watching his 5-week-old son, when they believe the baby boy was badly injured.

Carri McFall, who has a baby of her own, recalled Deloatch telling her his son was having problems shortly after his birth.

"They got home from the hospital and I asked how the baby was doing and he said bad. But I thought he was being rude so I didn't ask anymore,” McFall said.

 Public safety officers believe Deloatch is the one responsible. Neighbors said the mother was at work at the time and he was watching the 5 week old.

According to the indictment, Deloatch assaulted his son in late October breaking both of his legs.

Because the infant’s injuries were so serious, he was moved to Levine's Children's Hospital.

Channel 9 tried talking with the 5-week-old boy’s mother, but she declined to discuss the case. Those who know the couple were stunned to learn the severity of the injuries.

"For something like that to happen to a baby a newborn baby, you got to be crazy to do something like that,” said neighbor James Burgess.

Deloatch is locked up under a $100,000 bond. He is scheduled to go before a judge on Jan. 5.