Monday, December 8, 2014

Dad fires shot at Mom as she flees the home, then holds 1-year-old son hostage (Detroit, Michigan)

Daddy Drama to the max. I wouldn't take his so-called complaint against Mom at face value, as this type is so volatile that they make up sh** all the time to justify the fireworks and histrionics.

Dad is only identified as NAPOLEON.

Detroit father barricaded with 1-year-old boy; child safe, dad in custody

Police say 21-year-old man fired shot at women before fleeing with his son
Author: Shawn Ley, Local 4 Reporter

Published On: Dec 05 2014 10:46:31 AM EST Updated On: Dec 05 2014 05:24:58 PM EST .

DETROIT - There was high drama Friday morning on Detroit's west side.

A 1-year-old boy named Kyle is just fine after a scary situation involving his father. #Family members say a 21-year-old man named Napoleon fought with his girlfriend and a cousin Friday morning because his girlfriend stayed out all night. The two women tried to drive away from the home and that's when the man fired a shot at them.

The man then ran back into the home on Grandmont near Joy with his 1-year-old son. Fearing a barricaded gunman situation, the man's grandmother called him to tell him to give up.

"He said, 'Granny, I'm coming,'" said Mary Wells, the man's grandmother.

Instead, the father fled with his son. Police caught up to him right away on Chicago. He had his son and a gun in his pants.

He tried to flee with a 1-year-old child. Units were in the area and were able to place him in custody," said Detroit Police Commander Elvin Barren.

For little Kyle, he was met by hugs and smiles from Detroit police. His family is happy that he is OK.