Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dad had "anger issues" prior to killing of 2-month-old son; had previously abused animals (Indianapolis, Indiana)

He has "anger issue"??? What a useless piece of crap. Kills the baby because he is all pissy that Mom had to work late. Good God....

You know what? Moms with two-month-old babies SHOULDN'T HAVE TO WORK unless they really want to for some reason. They should be able to take some time off and take care of their babies, and bond with them. And either we need to make paid maternity leave the law of the land and/or force useless crap like this Daddy to quit bitching about how "angry" he is and GET A JOB and support his kids. Guess what? You're a grown up now, @sshole. Act like one.

Is it any surprise that this s***head also tortured cats?

Dad is identified as IAN DEFENDERFER.

DCS documents: Father had anger issues prior to baby death

By: Kara Kenney

Posted: 12:19 PM, Dec 16, 2014
Updated: 8:53 PM, Dec 16, 2014  

INDIANAPOLIS - Records show a Greenwood father accused of shaking and killing his 2-month-old baby had no prior history with the Indiana Department of Child Services, Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney.

Following the October death of Roarak Defenderfer, Kenney requested the Greenwood family's file with DCS.

Ian Defenderfer, 20, is charged with aggravated battery and battery resulting in death of a person.

Sarah Naum, the baby's mother, is not facing any charges.

DCS became involved when Roarak was taken to the hospital Oct. 3 with breathing problems.

According to the DCS family case manager interviews with family members of the baby, Ian Defenderfer had a history of anger issues.

DCS interviewed Brett and Susan Naum, the maternal grandparents of Roarak, who said Defenderfer had abused animals including breaking a cat's leg.

"Susan stated she was afraid this was going to happen," read the DCS documents.

"She didn't want Sarah to leave Ian alone with Roark after the cat incident."

Ian Defenderfer's father told DCS their son had temper tantrums as a teenager, but was excited about the baby.

According to court documents, Defenderfer called 911 that day to report Roarak had stopped breathing.

Medics took the infant to an area hospital before he was airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children.

Defenderfer first confessed to his girlfriend that he shook the baby, according to documents.

Authorities said Defenderfer admitted to police he shook the child the following day.

The child died at the hospital Oct. 5 of blunt force trauma to the head, officials said.

Authorities said the child also had signs of shaken baby syndrome. Defenderfer later admitted to police that he was frustrated and annoyed with the child for crying and was not happy the child's mother had to work late.

Defenderfer is expected in court Jan. 22. His defense attorney has not yet returned a call from Kenney.