Monday, December 8, 2014

Dad arrested after "domestic dispute" (assault) involving child (Lemoyne, Pennsylvania)

You know this had to be more than a "dispute" (Mom and Dad disagreeing on U.S. foreign policy?). And "incident" is a truly meaningless word. For there to be an arrest, I can assure you that there had to be physical violence or credible threats. But of course, all that's airbrushed out of this report.

Dad is identified as CHASE WAYAN STEIGERWALD.

Father arrested after domestic incident involving child

Posted 9:38 PM, December 3, 2014, by Howard Sheppard

LEMOYNE, PA(WPMT)- A Cumberland County man faces charges following a domestic incident involving a child. At about 1:10 pm today, West Shore Regional Police responded to an active domestic disturbance that started in the area of 50 Market Street in Lemoyne and was continuing into the area of 1st Avenue and River Street in Wormleysburg.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers made contact with a woman and a Good Samaritan. The woman told officers that she had fled her Wormleysburg home on foot with her two children, ages 1 and 7 months, after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, Chase Wayan Steigerwald. Steigerwald is the father of the children.

The woman said that Steigerwald, riding on his bicycle, caught up with her in the 1st block of Market Street in Lemoyne and continued the domestic dispute.

Steigerwald then grabbed their 1 year old child from her stroller and fled on the bicycle back towards Wormleysburg while dangerously carrying the child under one arm.

The good Samaritan, a passerby, observed this and picked up the female in his vehicle and alerted police while following after Steigerwald. Steigerwald was found at his home with the one year old child, who was found unharmed. He was taken into custody.

Charges against Steigerwald include Recklessly Endangering Another Person and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. He faces a preliminary hearing later this month.