Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dad "suspected" in brutal murder of 4-year-old son had history of child custody "battles" with boy's mother (Garland, Texas)

Well. Sounds like dad JOSEPH BLOCKER is an unrepentant cold-blooded sociopathic killer...and he formerly challenged the mother for custody. Such a surprise....

Still isn't clarified here whether Dad had full custody, but it sounds like a distinctive possibility.

I seriously doubt Mom assaulted this guy. It would be quite a coincidence that she was just as violent as he was. Sounds like a typical abuser attempt at smearing the mother.

Police: Dad Unemotional About Son Found Dead In Washer

December 12, 2014 8:20 PM GARLAND

(CBSDFW.COM) – There are new details in the death of a 4-year-old Garland boy, injured inside a washing machine.

Court records reveal the child suffered extensive trauma hours before anyone called 911.

The boy’s father, Joseph Blocker, is a suspect in the murder and has been released from jail. In court records, police claim Blocker showed almost no reaction to his son’s death or his own arrest.

A vigil was held for little Koda Blocker on Friday night. Hours after the gathering candles were still burning at the spot where neighbors came to pray for the 4-year-old. Children laid candles on the driveway as dozens of neighbors gathered outside the boy’s home.

“A little boy’s gone, so we’re praying,” one person said.

Records show that when Blocker called 911 on Tuesday he told the dispatcher that he had found unconscious in the family’s washing machine and was performing CPR.

But when paramedics arrived they found the boy had been dead for hours. Police also saw a pool of blood inside the washer.

In the report one detective wrote that Blocker had “told several different versions of a story” and appeared either “absent of emotion” or appeared to be “manufacturing emotion.”

At one point, Blocker claimed he’d slept undisturbed for four hours, leaving Koda and his 22-month-old sister unsupervised. But a detective says Blocker couldn’t explain how the washer started, or how his son could have tumbled through an entire wash cycle without him noticing.

Police arrested Blocker and charged him with capital murder, but released the 28-year-old from jail Friday pending further investigation.

CBS 11 News found other court records that show Blocker and Koda’s mother spent several years battling over child custody and child support.

Blocker also has an arrest for DWI. According to records in that case, he was taken into custody driving to pick up Koda from daycare.

Koda’s mother has an arrest for assaulting Blocker in front of their son.