Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dad assaults mom during custody exchange/visit, kidnaps 2-year-old child (San Antonio, Texas)

As usual, the details behind this "visit" are not explained very well. How much you want to bet that this was a court-ordered custody exchange or visit? And how much do you want to be that Daddy got his "rights" even though he had a history of domestic violence and/or child abuse? It's pretty unlikely that this is the first time he has beaten the mother. And I'm pretty sure that there was lots of prior evidence regarding Daddy's alcohol problem too.

Judges need to stop putting Daddy's "right" to control the mother and children over the basic safety and security of everyone else. How can battered moms heal when they are so often forced to "facilitate" visitation with violent thugs?


Father charged with kidnapping young child

San Antonio police located child with father hiding in brush

Author: Jenna Hiller
RJ Marquez, Web Editor

Published On: Apr 03 2014 07:14:58 AM CDT Updated 2 h

SAN ANTONIO - A man was arrested after San Antonio police said he kidnapped his 2-year-old child from his ex-wife late Wednesday night. SAPD officials said the woman brought the child to see her ex-husband at a home on 3 Apple Hill near Loop 410 and Bandera Road, but her ex-husband was intoxicated and became upset.

The pair got into an argument and according to police, the father began to assault his ex-wife.

Police said at some point during the altercation, the man grabbed the young child and ran away into a nearby brushy area.

Police searched the area with their Blue Eagle helicopter and found the father with the child after 20 minutes, SAPD officials said.

The child was not badly hurt, but police said the 2-year-old suffered scrapes from the brush. Paramedics responded to the scene and treated the child and mother.

SAPD officials said the father was expected to face charges for aggravated kidnapping, assault family violence and child endangerment.