Monday, April 28, 2014

Dad kills 5-year-old daughter in murder-suicide; was reportedly angry from custody proceedings (Pescara, Italy)

I'm sure the fathers rights folks are already spinning this into a "poor oppressed daddy" story.

As usual, a careful reading shows that the UNNAMED DAD was no victim. He was abusive, controlling scum who viciously murdered a child by setting her on fire and burning her to death.

Notice that Daddy was previously found guilty of abuse, BUT STILL HAD SUPERVISED VISITATION. I know mothers who have never been found guilty of anything who don't get as much.

Notice how controlling Daddy was, in that he didn't want this girl to see her sisters.

Notice that despite all this, the mother still tried to be nice and accommodate this piece of sh**. The FRs are always accusing moms of not being "nice" and that why the poor daddies act out. It's all crap. In reality, many victims of domestic violence still try to "get along" with the abuser--even though it endangers them and their kids.

So how does Daddy reward Mom for trying to arrange unsupervised visitation for his benefit? 

He burns their 5-year-old alive in front of her.

Father burns himself and his five-year-old daughter alive after pouring petrol over them and holding the girl down on car back seat in front of her mother

Identity of 48-year-old man and his daughter have not been revealed

Mother sustained third-degree burns in trying to save her daughter

Animosity between the pair due to custody proceedings following a split

By Jill Reilly
Published: 10:13 EST, 28 April 2014 | Updated: 11:14 EST, 28 April 2014

A father and his five-year-old daughter were burnt alive after he poured petrol across them and held the girl down on the car back seat in front of her mother.

The 48-year-old man, whose identity has been revealed and his young daughter died in front of the distraught mother in Pescara, central Italy.

The mother sustained second-and third-degree burns in trying to save her daughter from the flames.

The couple split up last year - they had lived with the girl and the woman’s three daughters from a previous marriage, Rai News said, reported The Local.

After their split the woman reported her partner to authorities for abuse.

She told them that he was violent and was trying to prevent their daughter having a relationship with her three half-sisters.

In October a court ruled he could only see his daughter once a week after he was found guilty of abuse.

It ruled the visits must be conducted with a social worker present.

In violation of the court, the couple met with their daughter this week.

They are thought to have been on a journey to visit a relative of the mother when the father decided to set the car on fire.